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Under Canvas // Yellowstone

Last year, my 3 friends and I, over a couple glasses of wine had a wild idea to go on a cross country road trip. If you know us, you know that we dream big. With wine in hand, we even created our slogan: "four girls, four backpacks, $400 each"

With a whole year to plan, we obviously managed to procrastinate, and plan this entire trip in under a week. After getting through a few hiccups, we packed our bags, hopped into our rental car, blasted 90s throwbacks, and drove off to an adventure filled with wonderful company and views that left us in awe!

Our first destination: Yellowstone National Park

As we drove through the park, our jaws dropped. No matter which way we turned, beauty struck us. Often we would park on the side of the road and observe herds of bison, join groups of people trying to spot a bear in a field, or explore the different geysers located throughout the park.

We spent the first few days in Yellowstone camping at Indian Creek. Every morning we'd wake up, make breakfast by the fire and then spend the rest of the day exploring Yellowstone and searching for the scenic lunch spots. Midway through our time in Yellowstone, we transitioned from camping to GLAMPING with Under Canvas Yellowstone at their Montana location. This was by far the coolest glamping experience any one of us have ever had.

Under Canvas provides many glamorous camping spots throughout the United States and Canada and conveniently, one of their locations was just ten minutes from Yellowstone’s main entrance. After our camping adventures in the park, we were excited to stay in a grand tent and tipi surrounded by Montana’s open landscapes and mountain views.

We were warmly greeted by the staff and enjoyed tea and hot chocolate as we were given a tour of the property and the amenities it offered, including showers. We definitely missed them and most definitely needed them! Our tent looked like an elegant hotel room due to the lovely king sized bed, soft pillows, the fireplace, and a rusty-chic rug, which also provided a cozy and comfortable ambiance.

Adjacent to our tent, we also had a tipi, which had two cots provided with warm sleeping bags. The tipi was so cute and spacious and it was a fun experience, since we have never stayed in one before.

In the evenings, we enjoyed the S’mores Bar and spent time at the firepit stargazing, melting marshmallows, and sharing adventure stories with other Under Canvas guests. This location also had a restaurant, Bar N Ranch, which in the mornings provided a delicious self-serve breakfast. We loved the waffle machine and the refillable coffee bar. On our last night, we went to the restaurant for dinner, where we enjoyed bison burgers and wine. Be sure to grab a table near the windows to enjoy the gorgeous views!

We absolutely loved our stay with Under Canvas Yellowstone! This was definitely a bucket list check mark for all of us. It was great to camp glamorously, yet have the convenience of being so close to the national park. Now that we've experienced glamping, its going to be difficult to go back to camping!

We can't wait to return!

Learn more about Under Canvas Yellowstone, HERE.

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