Fit Meets Fab & Humani Pilates

I had an awesome opportunity to work with two incredible ladies recently through City Scout Magazine. Maggie, curator of Fit Meets Fab and Maria, owner of Humani Pilates! I mean yes, of course they're incredibly fit (talk about health goals/I need to hit the gym asap), but they also come with incredible souls. During the shoot, apart from being amazed how easy they make pilates look, I also got to learn about their stores and what they're all about. Read about the shoot HERE

Turley Wines: Truly Amazing

A few days ago my sister and I went on a wine adventure in Amador! We hit 5 AWESOME spots! Turley Wine Cellars being one of my favorites! They specialize in "dry farming" which basically means there is no irrigation or a drip line watering system in place. Which means that the farmers rely only on natural annual rainfall for growing grapes. Since these are also older vineyards you get a lot of favor, character and body that you may not find in a younger grape. Completely obsessed with their Sauvignon Blanc. Cheers!

Skool on K: Japanese Infusion

First of all! Super excited to start "officially" blogging! And second of all, super excited about my new partnership with City Scout Magazine! City Scout is your everyday guide to great food, awesome drinks, fun events and modern living here in Sacramento. I joined as a freelance photographer and am excited to share what I've done so far! Read HERE about Skool on K Street!

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