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A L I N A 




My name is Alina Tyulyu and I'm an Event Planner and Photographer based out of California. I specializes in Wedding, Travel, Lifestyle, Portrait and Product photography.


After 8 years of running a winery and catering company, I dedicated myself to storytelling through the medium of photography and event planning. For photography, my process is capturing the client’s envisioned hero image first, and then quickly expounding on it through exploration of light, perspective and emotion. The result is a full library of images in beautiful vignettes perfect for telling your story in many avenues, especially the ever-important world

of social media. 


As an event planner, I take the client's vision to an epic new level, orchestrating original celebrations in locations worldwide that impact all senses and tell a distinct story to each and every guest. 


Feel free to send a "hello" in the email box below! Over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, I would love to get to know you!



Alina Tyulyu  


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